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Project Interventions

Care around Birth Approach

  • The provision of effective care for all women and babies at the time of birth in facilities could prevent an estimated 113,000 maternal deaths and 531,000 stillbirths, and 1.3 million neonatal deaths annually by 2020 at an estimated running cost of US$ 4.5 billion per year, ie. US$ 0.9 per person (WHO 2015; The Lancet, Every Newborn Series, 2014)


VRIDDHI has designed a comprehensive “Care around Birth” approach to improve quality of care at and around time of birth. For optimal impact the strategy is being rolled out in 141 high case load facilities in the 30 High Priority districts of the 6 focus states.

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The technical intervention package to strengthen ‘Care around Birth’ has been designed in two phases. The first phase, Technical intervention package-I (TIP-I), lays emphasis on strengthening the universal interventions for mothers and newborns, while the second phase TIP-2 focuses on the management of complications.

  • A baseline of labour room practices, and status vis-à-vis supplies, infrastructure etc.
  • Participant centred experiential training packages for district and block levels.
  • Training packages delivered in phases to avoid information overload.
  • Continued capacity building through Low dose high frequency onsite mentoring.
  • Engaging facility level stakeholders by forming ‘quality improvement teams’.
  • Tracking progress through a carefully designed MIS.
  • Sharing experiences and learning within districts, states and at National level.

  • Roll out in 141 high case load facilities Onsite mentoring, enhanced peer learning & constitution of QI teams
  • SCALE UP to 30 HPDs of six states targeting 0.89 million pregnant women and 0.8 million infants (with estimated 1,535 maternal and 18,763 newborn deaths every year). To be achieved through direct technical support and experience sharing platforms at district levels
  • SPILL OVER to non HPD in six states targeting 2.8 million pregnant women and 2.55 million infants (with estimated 4,686 maternal and 58,619 newborn deaths every year) To be achieved through advocacy and leveraging of government resources
  • National level dissemination with possible scale up to other states of the country

  • 141 high case load health facilities assessed at baseline
  • 6 state level advocacy workshops completed between Feb-May 2016.
  • 25 district level trainings completed on Technical Intervention Package I till June 2016.
  • 795 service providers trained during district level trainings.
  • 235 onsite mentoring sessions.
  • 651 remaining service providers trained on Technical Intervention Package I.
  • 106 Quality Improvement teams notified in the intervention facilities.
  • National Skill Labs linked up for capacity enhancement of district level providers.

VRIDDHI's Technical Interventions