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Project Interventions

Policy and Program Level Support to Strengthen Newborn Health

Strengthening health care services for the newborns emerged as a state priority due to persistently high rates of neonatal mortality. The National level thrust for addressing newborn health through the launch of the India Newborn Action Plan (INAP) 2014 provided a framework to shape state policy and strategies in this direction, VRIDDHI State RMNCH+A unit (SRU) supported the state government to develop the Jharkhand newborn action plan (JNAP) and the Haryana Newborn Action Plan (HNAP). The project team facilitated the process by engaging government representatives from state & districts and key development partners including UNICEF, Save the Children and others through a consultative process to define various sections of the document, consolidate the technical content and ensuring the commitment of stakeholders in its implementation. Drawing upon the INAP, the JNAP and HNAP defines priority actions for the state and the districts based on a detailed situational analysis and findings of RMNCH+A supportive supervision.

At the implementation level SRU has actively supported the state of Jharkhand to orient service providers and program managers on newborn and child health guidelines. The VRIDDHI team developed a training package complete with trainers manual, facilitator’s guide, and integrated newborn and child health guidelines booklet. VRIDDHI supported the planning and implementation of the training cascade by training master trainers, monitoring and tracking sub-district level trainings.

VRIDDHI also supports the Jharkhand state to monitor the progress of newborn health services through a regular supportive supervision in 11 HPDs, facility visits, and tracks indicators of the JNAP dashboard.

VRIDDHI's Technical Interventions