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Project Interventions

Supportive Supervision of RMNCH+A interventions across High Priority Districts

RMNCH+A supportive supervision influences lives of 8.3 million pregnant women and 7.6 million infants in 184 high priority districts in 30 states of India.

VRIDDHI support to the Government of India initiative of supportive supervision began in October 2014 on a national scale. The process was built around a checklist that captured the minimum essential data to track readiness of health facilities to provide RMNCH+A services.

VRIDDHI’s initial support included standardizing the process of supportive supervision by running a trial process in one district of Jharkhand, developing guidelines to explain each data point, training master trainers at a national level and quality assuring regional level trainings for district level monitors from all states. VRIDDHI coordinated a consultative process involving government stakeholders, and development partners to build a consensus on the process and a common understanding on the use of the supportive supervision tool the checklist

Post the completion of trainings development partners and government counterparts began using the supportive supervision checklist during visits to health facilities in 184 districts. VRIDDHI also provided backend data management support, developed data entry and analysis tool and prepared data reports for national, state and district level use.

VRIDDHI’s role will evolve as the supportive supervision process will progress and further needs will emerge. Recent initiatives include revision of the checklist and preparing roll-out of the revised checklist

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