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Vriddhi Partners


IPE Global Ltd

IPE Global Limited is an international development consulting group providing expert technical assistance and solutions for equitable development and sustainable growth in developing countries. Headquartered in India with four international offices in United Kingdom, Kenya, Ethiopia and Bangladesh. Over the last 17 years, IPE Global has successfully implemented 700 projects in over 100 countries across five major continents. IPE Global has 700 full time professional staff and over 1000 empanelled consultants working on various projects spread across the globe. The group partners with multilateral and bilateral agencies, governments, corporates and not-for-profit entities in anchoring the development agenda for addressing complex socio-economic issues. IPE Global through its various projects have transformed the lives of over 130 million people globally.


JSI India

John Snow, Inc. is a public health management consulting and research organization dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities throughout the world. For 35 years, Boston-based JSI and its affiliates have provided high-quality technical and managerial assistance to public health programs worldwide. JSI has implemented projects in 106 countries, and currently operates from eight U.S. and 60 international offices, with more than 500 U.S.-based professionals and 1,600 host country staff. In 2013, JSI deepened its commitment to India, and its support of India’s National Health Mission (NHM), by registering John Snow India Private Limited (JSI India), as a subsidiary of JSI. In 2014, the JSI Research and Training (R&T) India Foundation was established.

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