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Strengthening post-partum family planning (PPFP) services across six states

The project has been strengthening counseling services for PPFP under the overall framework of Family Planning 2020. The project worked towards augmenting the number of facilities with information, counseling, services and supplies. This is expected to increase access, exposure, and utilization of services and supplies, and increase contraceptive use since there is a proven association of these factors with improved Maternal and Infant survival. Counseling contacts at every opportunity, including antenatal checkups, labor rooms, postpartum wards, and postpartum home visits, are important to increase postpartum use. The role of counsellors is very important to increase adoption of post-partum family planning methods, increase PPIUCD continuation, and decrease PPIUCD removals. For this purpose following activities were undertaken:

  • An ‘orientation capsule’ focusing on technical update and soft skills was prepared
  • Trainings were initiated in the states and the HPDs – 240 health facilities were covered in 24 HPDs of six states. A total of 518 participants were trained from both CaB and non-CaB facilities. VRIDDHI provided responsive support to select non-CaB facilities and oriented 162 personnel from these facilities
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